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At MASC: Medical Aesthetic Skin Care, in Gadsden, Alabama, Murray J. Riggins, MD, focuses on helping people look better so they feel better. He offers aesthetic and body care services in a comfortable, discrete atmosphere. Dr. Riggins uses his extensive training in aesthetic medicine to help patients fight the signs of aging, lose weight, and feel healthier.

Patients can achieve aesthetic goals such as wrinkle reduction with Botox® and Juvederm® and permanent hair removal with laser treatments by visiting the practice. The staff treats all patients as friends and develops treatment plans according to each person’s needs.

With a belief that wellness and beauty go deeper than the skin, MASC provides bioidentical hormone pellets to help you rebalance hormones that contribute to low energy and uncomfortable side effects. Nutrition therapy, provided by nutritionist Rovenia Brock, also known as Dr. Ro, gives you an edge when it comes to achieving a healthy physique.

If you’re excited to look and feel your best, call today to benefit from the expertise of Dr. Riggins and his staff or book an appointment using this website.

  • Dr. Murray offers Healthy Place Botanicals products:

    Our mission is to utilize our innovative business model to offer the most pure and organic full-spectrum essential to the well-being of our people and planet at revolutionary prices.


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Stop Hot Flashes Now

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats in women of a certain age signal the onset of perimenopause - a time in a women’s life when her body decreases production of the hormones that help her to feel like a vibrant reproductive adult female. Now, help is here!

Hair Restoration with Dr. Riggins

Hair loss can affect your self confidence because it has a major effect on how you look. Because of this there are many people who are looking for ways to re-grow hair and also stop the hair loss.

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