Advantages of CoolSculpting Over Other Fat Reduction Methods

When exercise and diet aren’t enough to eliminate excess fat, CoolSculpting may be the answer you are looking for. CoolSculpting, one of the only FDA cleared non-surgical methods for fat reduction, uses controlled cooling methods to get rid of fat in stubborn areas of the body.

This treatment requires no needles, anesthesia, or pain medication. Recovery time is minimal: many who have tried it say CoolSculpting is completely painless.


Advantages Over Other Methods

Before cold therapy was created for fat reduction, laser therapy—in the form of ultrasound technology or radiofrequency—was commonly used. Machines like the LipoSonix, Thermage, Ulthera, and Accent are effective to some degree, but they typically cause patients a lot of pain, as the procedures used excessive amounts of heat to burn away fat. This often resulted in scarring.

Alternate therapies, including Endermologie and LipoDissolve, are not yet approved by the FDA, meaning their safety or effectiveness have not officially been confirmed. SmartLipo and LaserLipo are also widely-used ultrasonic procedures: while they tuck and lift the arms, stomach, and thighs, the procedure is much more invasive.


Advantages Over Self Care

While adopting a healthy diet and exercise regimen is key to fat reduction, it is often not enough to help people achieve the results they desire. Hiring a personal trainer or undergoing a physician-supervised weight loss plan can be effective, but these options may take more time to work than you would like.

Consult with your doctor to learn how CoolSculpting can help you.

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