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Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

We may count on famous people for entertainment, but we often forget that they are human, just like us. Many of them have struggled with obesity, and we share two of their stories here today.


John Goodman Comes To Terms

On screen, John Goodman can be larger than life. Unfortunately, he has been this way in real life as well.

“I had to clear out my house. It was built on a bad foundation,” Goodman told Men’s Health. Goodman admitted that his efforts to lose weight were related to his alcoholism. When he gave up drinking, he was able to address his excess weight.

Goodman began working his way down from 368 pounds. After losing nearly 100 pounds, he continues to maintain a healthy regimen. His fitness guru started him on a medical program, then set him up with a great trainer.

Today, Goodman does at least two 40 minute cardiovascular workout sessions daily, using an elliptical and a recumbent bicycle. The trainer mixes it up with boxing and strength training.


Marie Osmond Maintains

Singer Marie Osmond opened up about her life and weight loss in an interview with Healthline. She was asked what motivated her to take the dramatic action which resulted in her association with Nutrisystem and ultimately a net loss of 50 pounds. She indicated that she was not happy with her appearance, and an upcoming “Dancing with the Stars” engagement pushed her into action.

After losing the weight, Osmond claimed her breathing problems went away: she is no longer out of breath after one song. Her joints and knees no longer ached.

Today, at age 52, she maintains a very busy schedule and is grateful that once a month she can depend on a Nutrisystem delivery. She eats at least one Nutrisystem meal each day and keeps a protein bar in her purse, just in case.

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