Covid-19 Now What?

Beaches Open Up Too Soon?

Covid-19 What To Do Now

by Murray J. Riggins, Jr. M.D.


Well…well…well. What do we have here?


Point #1 - Overall, US deaths from Covid-19 have increased to 125,000 with more than 2.5 million confirmed cases, far more than any other country in the world - according to a report from John’s Hopkins University. I consider them a reliable source of clinical information.


Point #2 - The fresh surge in Covid-19 cases has been most pronounced in the southern and western states that reopened earlier this month and more aggressively despite warnings by health officials to wait to see a steady decline in the number of new cases.


Point#3 - The U.S. is seeing surging in cases with the majority of those among people under the age of 35. This means that many of those will be asymptomatic during the virus incubation period, presenting a difficult challenge for authorities trying to get a grip on outbreaks.


So then what are we to do to protect ourselves, family and friends from this potentially deadly pandemic? I have talked with many people who are tired of the social distancing, wearing masks and sheltering in place for the past 90 days.


Many people want so badly to re-engage with society, go to the beach, even go back to work so as not to lose their dwelling places, jobs, as well as be able to feed their families. I so get it! It’s a tough call with dire consequences if you make the wrong call. Do we make an economic decision when dealing with this health problem or do we make a clinical decision when dealing with a health problem that has far reaching clinical and economical consequences?


Then, there are the conspiracy theorist who believe a wide variety of concepts from the covid-19 pandemic is a worldwide hoax invented by the globalist / republicans / democrats etc. all the way to - covid-19 is not a virus but it is a bacteria.


I always find it interesting when people who work at the Piggly Wiggly or some non medical area seem to know the answers to complicated medical /health issues that the best medical minds in the world don’t know all of the answer to.


Nevertheless, as a clinical physician with over 36 years experience in healthcare I simply offer my take on the steps that I am taking to protect me, my family and my patients.


I am continuing to be vigilant and practice social distancing, wearing a mask when I am around other people, using Triple Strength 100% Organic Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer ( , taking Immune Health Booster Combo of essential oils in addition to Vitamin D, Vitamin C and plenty of hydration. As additional precaution I do the cold arrest therapy twice a day as mentioned on my Facebook page “Ask Dr. Riggins”


See, I am high risk because I am big, black, and old (smile); with a few co-morbidities - so I am not taking any chances. To some of you that might seem a bit over the top and that’s ok. Thank God we live in a country that allows each of us to do as we see fit. Please remember, life is full of decisions. It is estimated that the average person makes about 35,000 decisions a day and only about 70 of those decisions are life-changing. So, when it comes to this covid-19 pandemic, make the decisions that protects you and yours the best.



Murray J. Riggins, Jr.,M.D. Dr. Murray Riggins is a veteran physician with more than 36 years of clinical experience under his belt. Dr. Riggins has extensively trained in medical aesthetic skin care, Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy, CBD Oil ( Cannabadiol ) Therapy, Laser Skin Care,Botox and Dermal Fillers as well as physician supervised weight loss. He obtained his B.S. in Physics in Atlanta ,GA at Morehouse College and graduated with honors in 1977.He obtained his medical degree in Nashville, TN at Meharry Medical College in 1981, and completed his post graduate training in 1982 at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. 24 years of emergency medicine experience fortify Dr. Riggins’ keen insight for remedies that address common and uncommon anti-aging problems.He opened Dr. Riggins Medical Aesthetic Skin Care, LLC ( MASC) in 2006 to provide cutting edge care for patients interested in aging gracefully.

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