Four Features of Healthy Skin

It’s been said that our skin is the historian of our activities. Skin blemishes, wrinkles, rough skin, and other issues are all reminders of things we did in the past that may now begin to affect us. 

There are many ways to prevent or repair damage to your skin, from creams and vitamins to higher-tech options such as laser surgery.

But what are the qualities of healthy skin? Generally speaking there are four: minimal blemishes, fewer wrinkles, supple skin, and natural looking skin.

  1. Minimal blemishes. Skin can become blemished in many different ways. Acne, age spots, scars, and other factors can permanently mark skin. Unfortunately these types of blemishes are hard to avoid because they are related to genetics, or they occurred when we were young and didn’t take proper care of our skin.
  2. Fewer wrinkles. Wrinkles are natural, unfortunately. Environmental and personal activity factors have been attributed to wrinkles, but there are ways to minimize them. For instance, smoking can cause wrinkles, as can dehydration and overexposure to outdoor elements without protection.
  3. Soft, supple skin. Skin remains soft when it is protected from the outdoors and nurtured with proper external care and diet. Supple skin just looks younger and healthier.
  4. Natural looking skin. People often try to cover up blemishes with makeup or use chemicals to try and erase spots. These methods can leave the skin looking splotchy and uneven. Healthy skin always looks natural.

There are numerous ways to keep your skin healthy: consult with your doctor to learn which methods are best for you.

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