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How to Manage Food Portion Sizes to Promote Weight Loss

Calorie consumption is central to any weight loss effort. Many of us eat without truly understanding our caloric intake, and many of us have weight issues as a result.

To maximize your weight loss, you should figure out how many calories are in your meals and manage your portions accordingly.

At home, try using smaller plates so that you have the appearance of eating a full meal. Eat lean meats, like chicken, turkey or fish. Limit this part of your meal to the size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand. The amount of protein in a portion that size and type is between 16 and 25 grams, more than enough for a healthy meal. This portion should take up about a quarter of your plate.

Then, you should fill half of your plate with any steamed vegetable of your choice. This includes broccoli, green beans, carrots, squash, cauliflower, kale, spinach, or other green leafy vegetables.

The remaining quarter of your plate should include a baseball-sized portion of whole grain, such as brown rice, quinoa, or a baked white or sweet potato.

Many restaurants serve excessive portion sizes, and many people clean their plates without a second thought. Since it is especially difficult to control portion sizes in a restaurant, you have to be proactive.

First, when you order your meal, ask the server to wrap half of it up in a take-home box right away. This keeps half of the calories out of sight and out of mind. Second, order an appetizer or two in place of your main meal. Soup is usually a healthy option, as long as it is not cream-based. Ask for a salad with a low fat dressing on the side, and just use a teaspoon or two of it.

Limiting portions sizes will help you keep your weight in check and remain healthy. Do you have any portion control tips of your own? Add them in the comments below!

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