Testosterone for Men - Friend or Foe

Testosterone and Men’s Health

by Murray J. Riggins, Jr., M.D.


So many men have questions about testosterone and prostate health that I thought I would pass along some information that you would find both interesting and helpful.


The two most important medical journals in the world that deal with prostate research are the Journal of Urology and Prostate.


There are numerous clinical studies around the world that prove a higher testosterone level for men is GOOD for prostate health.


There are over one hundred published clinical studies proving this. Higher testosterone levels in men have been found to be cardioprotective and help prevent-even improve the outcome of prostate  cancer in men with the disease as well. Now the prestigious Journal of Urology (April 2003) agrees that 99.9% of the medical doctors in the world were wrong about their position on testosterone being bad for men over 50.

Low testosterone is a basic cause of all prostate disease and is associated with decreased heart function. This is why prostate cancer rates go up exponentially as men age. The ones with LOW testosterone had a higher Gleason scores (a measure of cancer severity), and died sooner.

Low testosterone levels in men may increase the risk of developing coronary artery disease, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and worsens the outcome of men who have congestive heart failure. Testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to improve exercise capacity, and insulin resistance in men who have these diseases as well as low testosterone levels.


Doctors at the Institute of Cancer Research at the University of Vienna in Austria studied real prostate cancer patients with an average age of 66. They divided them into two groups: high testosterone and low testosterone levels.The ones with HIGH testosterone had smaller prostates, lower Gleason scores, and lived longer.

The doctors concluded, "Low serum testosterone in men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer is associated with higher Gleason score, and a poorer outcome.

The reasons for low serum testosterone levels are not completely known, but we do know that as we age over 35 our body decreases testosterone production. By the time you are 50, the testosterone level is typically so low that you go into andropause - which is male menopause. Andropause sets you up to develop type II diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and prostate cancer.

The lower the testosterone, the worse the prostate cancer outcome; the higher the testosterone, the better the outcome. The prostate cancer will grow much faster in men with low testosterone.

Literally 9 out of 10 men over the age of 50 have low testosterone levels and should increase the testosterone levels with bio-identical hormone pellet therapy for a variety of reasons; to lower body fat, increase more lean muscle mass, enjoy a better mood, more strength, more virility, better sexual performance, less heart disease, and longer vibrant life.

Choose today how you want to live the rest of your life. Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy is the BEST way to replenish and maintain your body’s testosterone. Discuss this option with your physician. For more information call our office at 256-438-6494.


Murray J. Riggins, Jr.,M.D. Dr. Murray Riggins is a veteran physician with more than 36 years of clinical experience under his belt. Dr. Riggins has extensively trained in medical aesthetic skin care, Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy, CBD Oil ( Cannabadiol ) Therapy, Laser Skin Care,Botox and Dermal Fillers as well as physician supervised weight loss. He obtained his B.S. in Physics in Atlanta ,GA at Morehouse College and graduated with honors in 1977.He obtained his medical degree in Nashville, TN at Meharry Medical College in 1981, and completed his post graduate training in 1982 at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. 24 years of emergency medicine experience fortify Dr. Riggins’ keen insight for remedies that address common and uncommon anti-aging problems.He opened Dr. Riggins Medical Aesthetic Skin Care, LLC ( MASC) in 2006 to provide cutting edge care for patients interested in aging gracefully.

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