Tips for Avoiding Excessive Weight Gain During the Holidays

Overindulging during the holiday season can lead to excessive weight gain if you are not careful. Here are some of our tips for keeping your weight in check during this time:

Portion Control

There is nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite holiday meals, but make sure you eat reasonable portions, and don’t go back for seconds. Try using a smaller plate to limit the amount of food in front of you at one time.


Don’t Go Out Hungry

Before you go out to eat, have a healthy snack. If you don’t show up starving, chances are you are not going to overeat. If you know there aren’t going to be healthy food options where you’re going, have some fruits or veggies before you leave.


Healthy Options

If you are bringing a dish to share at a party, make sure it’s a healthy option. This way, you know that you can at least eat what you brought and not feel too guilty. If there are other healthy options available, load your plate up with those, and then allow yourself to enjoy one other item that you may consider decadent.


Limit Alcohol Intake

Egg nog and beer can pack on the pounds just as much as cookies and pies, so watch what you drink. When you are drinking more alcohol, you are less likely to make healthy food choices. Try for one cocktail with your meal, and then sip on water for the rest of the evening.


It’s not the end of the world if you put on an extra pound or two around the holidays. But overindulging and adding excess weight can ultimately affect your health and well-being. And research shows that people who gain a few pounds during the holidays tend to never lose that weight.

You don’t have to abstain from holiday food or drink, but keep our advice in mind if you’re looking for ways to avoid excessive weight gain.

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