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Corona Virus A Practicale Perspective - Murray J Riggins, Jr.,M.D.

So we need to get the facts straight. How does this virus work? How does it transmit? Where does it want to go? How do we protect ourselves. I'm Dr. Murray Riggins, I'm a general practice physician in Gadsden, AL.

The coronavirus is a family of viruses that can cause as mild a things as a common cold all the way up to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) or MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). These are very bad pneumonias that we're talking about.

Basically these viruses, microscopically, look like a tennis ball with all these spikes sticking out of it. Depending on the type of spike, it allows that virus to attach to certain tissues. So some viruses, have these spikes that attach to your nose tissues. So basically you just get a common cold.

But the SARS virus and this new Coronavirus that we're talking about has the spikes that allows it to attach to the cells in your lung. And when it has attached there, it replicates it's own blueprint inside our body’s cells and uses the cells in our body to make more virus particles. Yeah, so it uses our own body's equipment to make more viruses. That is how it grows.

Most of the coronaviruses live in animals. In this particular case, it was from Wuhan China. There was a fish market where they were selling live animals, and the thought is that the virus was in a live animal then it crossed contaminated into a human.

But then what we found was that people were getting sick, in terms of healthcare workers, in terms of family members that were looking after them - which now means that the virus can pass from human to another human.

Just like all viruses, it needs to reach a target, which is your lung in this case.  It can only get there with your help. It has no legs and no wings, so therefore it uses us to move it there. So, nugget number one; "Don't hang around sneezing people because you're going to breathe the virus into your lung. Nugget #2;  don't touch your face with your possibly contaminated fingers because that's how the virus gets in to your body by direct contact with your nose and / or eyes.." The general respiratory masks are minimally helpful because they do not form a tight seal around the edges. The N95 respiratory masks work best and are used in hospitals by health care workers.The regular face masks help by making us more mindful of not  touching our face.

So, If you're sick, we tend to mask you, so therefore you're not spewing out the virus to other people sitting around you. The hospital workers have the real mask that are the N95, those have a mask to skin seal. These are for the doctors , nurses and care givers that may be caring for their coronavirus patients.But, without protective eyewear, you are still susceptible to virus penetration.

So in the beginning, the coronavirus will cause flu-like symptoms or a cold. So people just get the stuffy nose, that kind of thing. But you'll understand that as soon as that virus starts manufacturing in your lung cells, they're producing all these copies of the virus. All of a sudden, now you kill the lung cells. So now you can't exchange oxygen. That's why one of the early symptoms is people get very short of breath and they tend to have a difficult time breathing with minimal exertion and that's why they end up in hospital.

So currently, we don't have a specific direct treatment for the coronavirus, so we don't have a medication that can kill it off. So all the medical community has to offer is really just supportive therapy. 

So in other words, if the patient can't breathe, we give them oxygen to help them to breathe. If They can't drink fluids , we give them intravenous fluids to keep them hydrated to keep their kidneys from shutting down. So it's a very supportive therapy.

This is a new virus that we've never seen before. So our immune system, our navy seals, need time to figure it out and determine what to do to kill it. So usually we make antibodies. These are the body’s killer cells that can grab onto the spikes that we see on the virus, and it will get rid of the virus for you and that will actually bring you back to good health. But it takes 6-8 weeks for the body  to learn this particular "new" virus form. Antibodies to kill it.  So therefore, the elderly, chronically ill and of course the young children have a worse time dealing with this new mutated strain of this viruses because their immune system is not as strong to make enough of the antibodies to kill the Corona virus.

So just remember your hands may be contaminated with the Coronavirus. The Corona Virus cannot hurt you because it can't get through the skin, but the moment you touch your nose or eyes you brought the virus right to where it is trying to go.

If you just returned from Italy or China and you don't have any symptoms, then what I recommend is a self-imposed quarantine for 10 - 14 days. That is the incubation period were those exposed to the corona virus may start to show symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, weakness and loss of appetite.

In other words, I just want to keep you away from mingling with other sneezing, sick people. So, think twice about going into parties, hanging out with your friends, taking public transportation etc. The NBA has even suspended the remaining season until further notice. We can contain it very easily by making sure that you do a self-confinement, so to speak, for let's say seven to fourteen days.

So after 14 days, if you're feeling well, then you don't have anything to worry about. Then you don't have to be overly worried, but cautious as we do the right things so that we don't get the virus ourselves and that we don't pass it on to others.

I recommend doing everything you can to beef up your immune system. I take CBD Oil from Healthy Place Botanicals (NMx Level 3) twice daily under my tongue. CBD Oil helps the body maintain homeostasis (balance) which keeps your immune system operating at maximum capacity

Remember, as scientist race to learn more about the Corona virus most indications suggest that the flu is a far greater threat than the Coronavirus. Eighty - Nine Thousand deaths globally are attributed to the Coronavirus while there are ONE BILLION deaths attributed to the flu globally. Of those who have died from the Coronavirus so far, the majority are over 90 and have pre-existing chronic heart and lung disease.

We can be prepared for the Corona Virus without feeling gripped by fear if we take some basic steps to protect ourselves and our families. Please take to heart the information I have shared with you and I hope it puts the Corona virus and the disease threat into perspective.


Murray J. Riggins, Jr.,M.D. Dr. Murray Riggins is a veteran physician with more than 36 years of clinical experience under his belt. Dr. Riggins has extensively trained in medical aesthetic skin care, Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy, CBD Oil ( Cannabadiol ) Therapy, Laser Skin Care,Botox and Dermal Fillers as well as physician supervised weight loss. He obtained his B.S. in Physics in Atlanta ,GA at Morehouse College and graduated with honors in 1977.He obtained his medical degree in Nashville, TN at Meharry Medical College in 1981, and completed his post graduate training in 1982 at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. 24 years of emergency medicine experience fortify Dr. Riggins’ keen insight for remedies that address common and uncommon anti-aging problems.He opened Dr. Riggins Medical Aesthetic Skin Care, LLC ( MASC) in 2006 to provide cutting edge care for patients interested in aging gracefully.

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