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Sunspots appear as dark areas on your hands, face, neck, and other areas exposed to the sun. With sun spot removal treatments at MASC: Medical Aesthetic Skin Care, in Gadsden, Alabama, Murray J. Riggins, Jr., MD resolves this cosmetic issue. Call the office to find out how you can reduce the appearance of sunspots and achieve more even-toned skin today.

Sun Spots

What causes sunspots?

When you spend years in the sun, your skin can develop brownish spots – known as sunspots. Sunspots are also known as liver spots or age spots. Lighter skinned people tend to develop sunspots more frequently, especially after age 50. But any person with any skin type and of any age can get them due to excessive sun exposure.

Sunspots aren’t harmful or cancerous, but can make you look older than you actually are. Dr. Riggins offers a cosmetic solution to these sun spots to boost your appearance and confidence. Call his office to find out how you can benefit.

What is laser treatment for sunspots?

Laser skin rejuvenation offers a breakthrough procedure for sun-damaged skin. The laser energy penetrates your outer layer of skin, doing no harm. The resulting controlled injuries to the skin stimulates collagen development. Collagen is a compound your body produces naturally to support healthy skin structure, strength, and tone.

Laser energy also prompts the development of new skin cells to replace older, discolored ones. You end up with more evenly toned skin that looks fresher and more youthful.

How does laser treatment fade sunspots?

The laser energy breaks up pigmented skin cells, such as sunspots and freckles. The pigment dissolves and is eliminated by your body through natural waste-removal systems. Your sunspots disappear and along with them, so do some wrinkles and lines.

Your sunspot removal treatment may also address:

  • Freckling on your nose, cheeks, and chest
  • Thinning, wrinkled skin
  • Sallowness or yellowed skin

If you have other areas of discoloration, such as broken blood capillaries and melasma, these too may fade with sunspot treatment.

Is there downtime following sunspot removal treatments?

You may have some redness or mild swelling in areas treated for sunspots, but you can usually go back to your regular activities shortly afterwards. The sunspots may temporarily darken in the days after treatment before they crust off permanently to reveal smooth, even skin.

The expert specialists at MASC can help you understand how sunspot treatment can fade brown areas and create a radiant, smooth skin tone. Call the office or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.